About Kathy Walker

Get to know Kathy

Kathy Walker with a friendly vibe having a tada moment.
  • Mother and Wife

    Graced with four amazing grown children and a loving husband who fills my heart.

  • Qualified Kinesiologist

    Studying multiple types of kinesiology over 8 years paved the way to where I am today.

  • Psychic Channel

    I delight in sharing cosmic insights, wisdom, and mind-bending knowledge to support my clients on their own extraordinary journeys.

  • Coffee Lover

    Latte art wizard that sprinkles joy and caffeinated magic into every cup.

  • Aspiring Meditator

    Seeking inner peace and clarity as I embark on a journey of self-discovery, embracing the stillness and serenity.

  • A Sporty Boffin

    Part brainiac, part athlete, all-around awesome!

Where it all began

I started my career as a registered nurse specializing in operating room nursing. Although I worked in the nursing profession for over 10 years, I always felt like something was missing. 

People were often treated as fragmented parts, rather than being encouraged to actively participate in their own healing journey.

Over time, I realized that nobody knows a person better than they know themselves. They hold the key to their own healing and wellbeing. My role is to support my clients in accessing their inner wisdom and empower them to take charge of their health.

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In my quest for that missing piece, I embarked on a Naturopathy course. It was during this time that two of my children fell ill with different health issues. Despite trying conventional and naturopathic medicine, they remained unwell.

This challenging experience led me to explore alternative options, and I discovered the transformative power of kinesiology. Through kinesiology, my children’s health improved significantly, and I witnessed the remarkable impact of this gentle and personalized healing modality.

This prompted me to become a qualified kinesiologist, studying three different types of kinesiology over the next 8 years.

Kinesiology treats individuals as whole beings, considering their unique circumstances and underlying causes of imbalance. Even when two people present with the same issue, the root cause is often different. This holistic approach captivated me, and my journey led me to another energy healing modality called Pellowah.

Pellowah deepened my connection with my higher self and my intuitive abilities, opening the gateway to my psychic abilities.

As a psychic channel, I access insights, wisdom, and knowings from Spirit to support my clients on their life journey. For some, that may take the form of a psychic reading, providing answers and clarity about what lies ahead on their current path.

Others choose to go within and discover the factors influencing their current choices, in order to see themselves from a new and broader perspective. This allows for more options when making life choices. I believe channeled guidance from Spirit, can assist in identifying and releasing blockages that hinder peoples abilities to live life to the fullest (much as it did with my own journey). We are then free to let go of what no longer serves us, if we choose to, allowing us to embrace our true selves and shine brightly.

By unlocking our inner potential, we become free to live and love life to the fullest, radiating our authentic selves for all to see.