Kathy Walker sitting down at her clinc in Bendigo
Kathy Walker sitting down at her clinc in Bendigo

Bendigo Psychic Life Coaching, Readings and Healings

Gain clarity, guidance, and inspiration as you embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation.

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Hi, I'm Kathy Walker!

I am a psychic channel and life coach based in Bendigo, Victoria. I support people on their life journey by sharing psychic insights, wisdom, and guidance from Spirit.

For some people, that may be as simple as knowing a bit more about what’s in store for them on their current path. For others, it may be a deep-dive into themselves, with a focus on self-awareness and spiritual growth.

Of course, it can also be anything in between. Regardless of your preference, I am here to help you find comfort, peace, and ease in your day-to-day life, whatever that may mean to you!

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Want to know more?

Why have a psychic reading with me?

A psychic reading can be a fun and intiguing experience, just out of curiosity alone! In addition to that, here are some other benefits to having a reading:

  • Attain peace of mind and reassurance that you are on the right path.
  • Receive guidance to help you get back on track when you have strayed from your optimal path.
  • Gain insights during times when you are feeling uncertain, lost, overwhelmed, stuck, or confused to allow you to see your situation from a new perspective. This can provide clarity about your situation and assist you make better decisions about your future.
  • Obtain a deeper understanding of life events that have already happened, those that are currently unfolding, or those that are yet to take place.
  • Get closure and peace of mind after life-changing events, such as the death of a loved one, a relationship break-up, or a job loss.
  • Find comfort in being able to prepare for the future.
  • Become aware of any past life (or future life) experiences that may be impacting your current life.

Customer Reviews

I’m loving my sessions with Kathy, I’m able to look inside myself more and am feeling so much more like myself. Happy, content, free are some words I would use to describe how I’m feeling.

I have been having regular sessions with Kathy for 8 months now. In this time she has changed my life in so many ways. From helping me explore and tune into my own intuitive feelings, to helping my body and soul heal even more after suffering chronic fatigue syndrome for 10 yrs along with many bad side affects that came with that. She has supported me in me living my best life, I cannot thank her enough and recommend her to any and everyone that is wanting help with physical, emotional, spiritual growth and healing. She is one of the kindest women I’ve ever met. Can’t recommend her highly enough.

I was totally not expecting the experience I got. Totally worth it and can’t wait to come back and see what the next meeting brings. Kathy is amazing and thankyou. Have learnt so much. Thankyou. xx

I received a physic reading from Kathy just a few days ago. Some of the things she had mentioned in our session I’ve never even said to anyone before. Being able to sit down with her and have this completely open conversation about some hard topics was incredible. I look forward to booking a wellness session in the future and coming back for another psychic reading! Thanks so much Kathy!

A friend of mine booked my first session with Kathy. I didn’t even know anything about what to expect. At that time I was going through a lot of change in my life. Kathy provided the clarity I had been searching for. Regular Wellbeing sessions have definitely contributed to my improved health and well-being and I really look forward to them. Kathy has encouraged me to trust my intuition, to not limit myself and to explore my gifts. Thank-you Kathy for providing a safe welcoming space and for sharing your gifts which has enabled me to step out into the the world authentically.

Aimee Semmens
Aimee Semmens

Thank you Kathy for your wonderful and helpful session…you are amazing 🤩 what a lovely lady so glad we crossed paths .

I would highly recommend Tree of Life Wellbeing Centre and the work of Kathy Walker. I have been going to Kathy for kinesiology since 2017 and have really enjoyed working with her over the years.

Kathy is very intuitive and is willing to dive deep into issues from a spiritual perspective, talk them through in rich detail and help to resolve them with humour and joy. She has helped me to navigate and better understand my faith and develop a sense of belief in myself.

Kathy has also worked with my children when they were around 10 and 6 years old. She works so beautifully with children as she has a nurturing and kind way of working with them. Both of my children experienced practical and emotional benefits from working with Kathy.

Recently, I saw Kathy again (via zoom) for help in dealing with some conflict I was facing in the workplace and was having difficulty coping with. There are not many people who enjoy conflict and I was someone who tried to avoid it at all costs! When I found myself in the middle of it, I was quite distressed and reached out to Kathy to help me find the balance I would need to face up to the situation and be able to respond to it in a satisfactory way. Kathy helped me uncover and release some deep-seated issues that were clouding my view of myself and gave me some amazing guidance as to how I might develop self-confidence and come through the conflict with composure and with compassion for both myself and the others.

Having done a couple of sessions now with Kathy, I can definitely see the progress I am making. I love that Kathy's advice is very focused on you and the part you play in any situation. Even after two sessions I feel more equipped to catch my negative thoughts and are more curious to explore what is behind them. Thank you Kathy, see you for session three!

I have had both face to face and distance healing with Kathy, and the guidance I’ve received has been transforming. Kathy’s wealth of knowledge and intuitive abilities has helped me identify where my blocks are and I’ve experienced the shift in perspective following her sessions. I also observed Kathy do distance healing on my dog for fear aggression, which was extremely fascinating and insightful. I have much more understanding of the issue now and have taken on board Kathy’s advice. I look forward to seeing the changes in him. Thanks Kathy!


Absolutely brilliant. Kathy spot on with her reading and is such a beautiful person. Thank you so much Kathy 😘🤗

When I commenced sessions with Kathy, I was unsure of both what to expect and also what the outcomes would be for myself. Kathy’s warm welcoming personality put me at ease and her healing work has assisted my view and understanding of myself, my relationships with others and my place in the world. I am so grateful that I went down this path as I am in a much better place, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I would highly recommend Kathy, especially to those who feel they would benefit from a healing, but are unsure of the first step.

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Book your Sesh Below!

You will be given an option when booking if you would prefer to have an in person session or a remote zoom session.

  • Flower Lotus

    Spiritual Coaching

    A spiritual coaching session is for anyone who is feeling lost, stuck, helpless, frustrated, or full of doubt about their current life path. It has a stronger focus on personal development and spiritual growth. With the guidance of Spirit, the subconscious and unconscious blocks that are preventing you from living your life’s purpose as your true authentic self are uncovered. Your connection to your own intuition, heart’s guidance, and higher self is often enhanced. Any defining moments in your current life, past lives, future lives, or other dimensions and realms that may be causing stress are identified. You are then supported to rewrite your story from a new and broader perspective, with the intention of moving forward on your path with confidence, calm, and ease.

    $7030 minsBook 30 mins
    $1201 hourBook 1 hour
  • Heartbeat

    Health and Wellbeing Coaching

    Stress takes on many different forms and can have a profound impact on your health and wellbeing. Spiritual, mental, and emotional stress can also have an impact on the physical body, presenting in a range of ways. This can include:
    • Addiction
    • Allergies
    • Anxiety
    • Autoimmune issues
    • Cardiovascular issues
    • Depression
    • Digestive issues
    • Eczema
    • Fatigue and tiredness
    • Fears and phobias
    • Hormone imbalances
    • Immune system issues
    • Impaired athletic performance
    • Learning difficulties
    • Nutritional imbalances
    • Phobias
    • Physical pain (such as back/neck pain, and migraines)
    • Psoriasis
    • Reproductive health problems
    • Sleep issues
    • Weight management difficulties

    A doctor is trained to help people with physical complaints, but what if the stress or imbalance is not originating at the physical level? Just as a psychic healer would not be your best immediate option for a broken arm, a medical doctor may not be the best person to provide spiritual first aid! A health and wellbeing session can help identify any non-physical stresses that may impacting you, at all levels, including the physical. It is a holistic, non-invasive, and individualized process, tailored to your specific needs. I work with you (and your physical body), applying my extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology in a unique way, to identify the root cause of the issue/s you are presenting with. You are then supported to restore balance and harmony and to release any energetic blocks. While it may seem like we are mostly just sitting down and chatting, there is a lot going on behind the scenes. One of the best signs of a skilled practitioner, athlete, artist, or teacher, is when they make their craft look easy 😊. Once the stress has been removed and your energy is flowing freely again, your body is able to heal itself without interference or resistance. Note: this service is not intended to diagnose or treat any specific disorder, disease, or symptom.
    Note: this service is not intended to diagnose or treat any specific disorder, disease, or symptom.

    $7030 minsBook 30 mins
    $1201 hourBook 1 hour
  • Hand Eye

    Psychic Readings

    I use my psychic abilities to relay insights and guidance from Spirit to any individual seeking clarity, understanding, direction, or purpose in their lives. Readings often include a guided energy repatterning (psychic healing) component. I may also be guided to communicate on a different level using light language or symbols at times, but I will always check with you first.

    $7030 minsBook 30 mins
    $1201 hourBook 1 hour
  • Users

    Couples Relationship Coaching

    Reveal the factors you may be unaware of that are having a negative impact on your relationship. Understand why you are struggling to connect in a positive, loving, and supportive way. Learn about any past experiences in this life, or other lives, that may be impacting your ability to bring out the best in yourself and each other.

    $7030 minsBook 30 mins
    $1201 hourBook 1 hour
  • User List

    Business Coaching

    This is especially beneficial for Small Business Owners, Managers, Directors, or anyone in a leadership position. I am not here to educate you about what you already know. I’m sure you’re already quite familiar with your role and the ins and outs of how to run a business! If, on paper, you are ticking all the boxes regarding how to achieve business success and are still not seeing the results you would like, there may be something more at play. This is where I come in! I can help you to identify the hidden subconscious and unconscious blocks that are preventing you from creating a successful business. There may be a need to explore certain beliefs, rules, or other limitations around abundance, success, leadership, and a multitude of other factors. Once you have conscious awareness of these issues, you are then supported to shift your perspective or step outside your limiting viewpoint. When you do this, you are free to view your business through a new lens and creative solutions will become clear to you. You may even question why you couldn’t see it before!

    $7030 minsBook 30 mins
    $1201 hourBook 1 hour

Frequently asked questions

Here are a few common questions about what my psychic sessions involve.

If you have any other queries then just contact me below!

Contact me

A psychic reading is a session where a psychic, or intuitive person, uses extrasensory abilities to provide their clients with insights, understanding, or guidance. This can be particularly beneficial during times of indecision, when you are at a crossroads, or if there is a particular issue that is causing stress or imbalance in your life. A psychic is able to access their client’s past, present, and future through methods such as clairaudience (clear hearing), clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairsentience (feeling or sensing), and/or claircognizance (clear knowing). The psychic may also use divination tools to gather information, such as tarot cards, oracle cards, crystals, or runes.

Some psychics (such as myself) are also mediums or channels, allowing them to act as intermediaries or conduits to relay messages or insights from deceased loved ones, spirit guides, or other ethereal beings.

The psychic typically engages in conversation with the client to share insights, predictions, or advice based on the information they receive. It is beneficial to approach readings with an open mind, as the information relayed can be subjective and open to interpretation.

Time is taken to create a warm, safe, and relaxing space, so that you feel as comfortable as possible. I strive to establish a very welcoming and friendly environment, so that your experience feels very much like two friends sitting in the lounge having a chat over a cuppa! Once we have spent a couple on minutes clarifying what your goals and expectations are, it’s over to Spirit!

As a psychic channel, much of your session is conversational, with Spirit speaking through me. You will probably not be able to tell the difference though. From your perspective it will seem as if the words are my own (added bonus for me because what I am channeling often sounds very insightful and wise!!). At times I will sense a need to do some guided energy work – energy repatterning – to release any blockages and rebalance or align your energy field. I will always let you know before I do this though!

There may also be a need to communicate with you on a different level through the use of light language. Other energies may pop in at times as well, to make a contribution or offer their insights, such as deceased loved ones, spirit guides, ascended masters, and the angelic realm.

Psychic healing, also known as energy healing or spiritual healing, is aimed at harnessing the subtle energies within and around us to promote physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. In essence, it involves the manipulation and channeling of energy to restore balance and harmony on many levels. It recognizes that our physical bodies are not separate from our minds or spirits. They form an interconnected whole.

True healing involves addressing not only the body, but also the mind and spirit. Psychic healers use their heightened intuitive abilities to act as a conduit for universal life force energy, directing it with intention and skill to restore vitality and flow within the energy field of the client. The process may involve hands-on methods, distant healing techniques, visualization exercises, or even the use of specific tools or crystals.

I facilitate the gentle and loving release of stuck emotions, outdated patterns, old traumas, learned behaviours, restrictive attitudes, and other negative mindsets you may have chosen to adopt as a result of certain life experiences. There may sometimes be a need to explore certain defining moments that occurred at a particular age in your current life, past lives, future lives, or other dimensions and realms that may be contributing to your current situation.

In letting go of the limiting definitions you have chosen, you are empowered to make new choices and reimagine your potential to create your best life! In doing so, you feel lighter, more in control of yourself, more confident, calm, loving, peaceful, optimistic, connected, and joyous. You know you are supported and are able to move toward your heart’s desires with ease, clarity, and focused intent.

The approach is a holistic one that works on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels to bring about greater energetic alignment. This supports your bodies innate healing ability, allowing it to do what it does best and heal itself.