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The Definition of Psychic Channeling

Psychic channeling is a spiritual practice that involves connecting and communicating with the non-physical realm. Tuning in to energies beyond this world, space, and time allows access to different perspectives, offering an opportunity to see the bigger picture. The ability to perceive yourself or a situation from a broader viewpoint provides more options when making choices in each moment.

This communication takes place through a channel, a person who acts as a conduit or vessel for receiving and transmitting information from their higher self, angels, ascended masters, star beings, spirit guides, loved ones who have passed away, nature, elemental beings, other dimensions, realms, or planes of reality, and more. A psychic channel is able to quiet their mind, raise their awareness, and attune themselves to certain energetic frequencies or information flow in the universe. This state of receptivity allows them to tap into their intuition, receive insights, or even access universal knowledge.

Intention is believed to play a big part in determining what type of connection is established and with whom. Most psychic channels set an intention to only interact with energies that are focused on the best interests and highest good of all beings. These energies are commonly described as being of a higher vibration or frequency.

The Importance of Psychic Channeling in Modern Times

In today’s world, where people are increasingly disconnected from spirituality, psychic channeling provides an opportunity for individuals to reconnect with their inner selves and to connect with energies beyond this physical plane. People often seek answers about their past lives, relationships, career paths, or general life guidance.

With psychic channelers offering services online or through phone calls, it has become more accessible than ever before. Moreover, some people find solace by turning towards spiritualism after experiencing loss or trauma in life.

Psychic channelers offer an opportunity to discover a deeper understanding beyond what is apparent on this physical plane. By tapping into energies beyond our realm, we can gain insight into our path forward, while finding comfort in knowing that we are not alone on our journey.

Types of Psychic Channeling

Some channels enter a trance or semi-trance state in order to connect and communicate with the spirit world. Others, myself included, remain quite conscious and alert throughout the whole process, almost as a silent witness.

Trance Channeling

A trance channel temporarily enters a deep altered state of consciousness, allowing spirit beings or spirit entities to take control of and communicate directly through them. Being a trance channel requires a high degree of trust and surrender. The trance channel usually has no conscious awareness of the experience, often requiring a recording device or scribe to note the messages that were expressed. There is typically no conscious recall by the channel. The messages or information can be transmitted through the channel’s voice or body. Sometimes the channel’s facial feature will change slightly or their voice will sound completely different, even taking the form of a foreign language or light language. I have channeled many types of light language over the years – some more frequently than others – as well as communicating in voices that have different accents. Never in a foreign language though. How cool would that be!

Trance channeling tends to be the variety of channeling overwhelmingly popularised in the media. There is also some confusion (understandably so) regarding the fact that trance channeling can look a lot like possession. The major difference between the two is that a trance channel willingly gives their consent to being used as a vehicle for communication. The other important point of distinction is that the trance channeler returns completely to their ‘normal’ self after they have finished channeling. The spirit or entity being channeled does not remain in ‘possession’ of their body.

Perhaps the most famous trance channel to date is Edgar Cayce. He was known as ‘The Sleeping Prophet’ and believed himself to be accessing universal consciousness in the Akashic Records when he channeled. The messages brought forth by trance channels tend to offer a broader perspective, focusing on common human themes such as increased self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-love, connection, and spiritual growth.

Conscious Channeling

Unlike a trance channel, a conscious channel remains present and alert while they are channeling, as a conscious observer. They have complete recall of what has taken place and are fully aware of their surroundings. They are still acting as a vessel through which spirit can communicate, however they are conscious throughout. They are able to position their own identity to the side or the background in order to connect with and allow the flow from their expanded consciousness.

In agreeing to loan my voice and body as a vehicle for communicating messages from spirit, I am aware that the wisdom, knowings, and learnings apply to all people who wish to receive them, me included! I occasionally hear the words that are coming out my mouth and think to myself, ‘I should be taking notes’, or ‘Wow, that would be really helpful to apply to my own life’. That’s one of the ways I know the words are not coming from ‘me’, because ‘I’ am sometimes surprised at what comes out my own mouth and know that ‘I’ don’t always personally think that way.

Physical Channeling

Physical channeling is a form of psychic communication where the psychic uses their body to relay messages from spirits. These messages can be expressed in forms such as automatic writing, artistic creations, musical compositions, or body movements. A physical channel may experience sensations, such as tingling, pressure of specific body parts, or changes in breathing patterns. They may also experience involuntary movements, such as shaking or rocking back and forth, while they receive messages from spirit. I am frequently guided to perform specific energy work (although I prefer to use the term energy repatterning). I surrender my body to be guided in its movements, although I am fully conscious and aware of what I am doing and my surroundings. In fact, I appear ‘normal’, as if I am the one determining my movements. If asked, I could give a full description of what was done and why that person’s energy needed rebalancing.

The Mechanics of Psychic Channeling

Psychic channeling is a complex process that involves the use of energy to establish a connection between the psychic and the spirit world. This connection allows the psychic to receive messages, images, and other forms of communication from spirits, energies, or dimensions. One important thing to note is that different psychics have their own unique ways of channeling spirit. However, regardless of the technique, effective channeling requires both skill and practice.

The Role of Energy in Psychic Channeling

Energy plays a crucial role in psychic channeling. The majority of psychics believe that everything in the universe, including humans, animals, and objects, is made up of energy. They are also inclined to believe that certain frequencies of energy can help them establish a connection with spirits from other realms. Some psychics use tools, such as crystals or pendulums, to aid them in tuning in to these energies.

During a session, the psychic channels their own energy towards the spirit world, other dimension, or higher plane, while also receiving energy back from it. This energetic exchange creates a bridge between two planes of existence, allowing for communication between them.

The Benefits of Psychic Channeling

Psychic channeling can offer many benefits to those who seek it out. It can be used for emotional healing, spiritual growth, and personal development, to name but a few of its applications.

Emotional Healing

Psychic channeling can provide a path to emotional healing by enabling individuals to connect with loved ones who have passed away or to receive messages from spirit that offer comfort and guidance. It can support individuals to understand the source of their pain, helping them to allow and acknowledge their emotions. Those emotions can then be used to guide the individual forward in a new direction, freeing them of the need to carry their past traumas and grief with them into each new moment.

Psychic channeling can also help people to identify negative patterns in their lives that may be causing emotional distress. This newfound awareness assists individuals to better understand themselves and empowers them to make positive changes in their lives.

Spiritual Growth

In addition to offering emotional healing, psychic channeling is an effective tool for spiritual growth. By providing insight into the spiritual realm, psychic channels can assist individuals to better understand their place in the universe and gain a deeper sense of purpose. Individuals can explore and connect with universal truths that can enhance their spirituality. The true essence of the individual is revealed through such experiences, helping them to see things from a different perspective beyond the limitations of our 3-dimensional understandings of self. By engaging with a psychic channel, we can connect with our inner selves on a deeper level, discovering truths about our lives that may have remained hidden otherwise. Psychic channels give individuals the chance to explore who they are beyond what is visible on the surface level.

Personal Development

Psychic channeling is an effective tool for personal development as well. It can give insights into a person’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviours and the experiences that have shaped their choices and definitions of self. It can help an individual become aware of the key moments in their life that have shaped their definition of self.  Psychic channeling also provides an opportunity for people to view themselves from a broader perspective beyond their chosen identity, freeing them to expand on their definition of self if they choose to. This expanded definition of self opens up opportunities and options that were previously unavailable to them, allowing them to overcome challenges, set new goals, or develop skills that will help them to achieve their desired outcomes.

The Future of Psychic Channeling

The Role of Technology in Psychic Channeling

As technology continues to advance, it is changing the way people access psychics. In previous eras, psychics were visited in person or spoken to over the phone. Nowadays, the internet has opened up new avenues for psychic channeling.

With just a few clicks of a button, individuals can video chat with psychics from anywhere in the world. This allows people who may not have access to psychics in their local area to still receive readings and guidance from anywhere in the world.

Social media allows for greater visibility and exposure for psychics as well. Platforms such as Instagram and Twitter provide an opportunity for psychics to share daily insights and inspirations that help their followers feel more connected with them.

Furthermore, many mobile apps now offer on-demand psychic readings at any time of day. It is fascinating to see how technology is revolutionising the industry and making it more convenient and accessible to those who may have previously been unable to benefit from its services.

What We Can Expect from Psychic Channeling in the Future

As we transition into an increasingly digital age, it’s reasonable to assume that psychic channeling will continue to grow and evolve. With technology allowing for more convenient and accessible ways to connect with psychics, we may see an even greater demand for these services.

As society becomes more accepting of spiritual practices and alternative forms of healing, it’s possible that psychic channeling will become a more mainstream and widely accepted practice. Overall, the future of psychic channeling is full of exciting possibilities and it’s enthralling to witness this ancient practice as it continues to adapt to our modern world.